The objectivesof the Professional Master Study Programme are as follows:


·      To give students the necessary theoretical knowledge as well as the practical skills required in order to perform high-level translating and interpreting;

·      To provide comprehensive knowledge on translatology, developing professional skills and competences in accordance with the labour market requirements;

·      To develop students’ logical and cognitive skills, enhance their creative abilities that might promote students’ further professional growth;

·      To develop students’ critical thinking and analytical skills;

·      To improve and develop precision of expression in oral and written English scientific discourse;

·      To develop students’ communication skills in multicultural environment;

·      To perfect learning strategies and skills of independent work;

·      To update the technical and methodological base, to change the content of the programme and teaching methods in due time;

·      To promote cooperation among academic staff and students in conducting scientific research and practical application of the results in accordance with international standards and tendencies in the field of technical translation.