Students of the Study Programmes ,,Technical Translation,,

Study Programmes ,,Technical Translation,,



RTU is the main centre of teaching and research in the field of engineering science in Latvia, and the RTU Institute of Applied Linguistics has appropriate technical and methodological base, and experienced teaching staff for training technical translators with both office and research work skills. The teaching-staff of the RTU Institute of Applied Linguistics have accumulated significant experience in teaching scientific and technical language, relevant terminology, as well as in improvement of technical text translation methodology. 

The Professional Study programmes “Technical Translation” provide training of technical translators in such fields as mechanical engineering, logistics, power engineering, material science, information technologies, telecommunications, civil engineering, architecture and town planning, engineering economics and other specialities.

The conception of the study programme differs from similar translation study programmes in the Humanities. It has an additional emphasis on applied linguistics and covers activities which concern specific practical applications. Not only linguists, but also specialists in corresponding fields of technology as well as in patent rights and law, participate in the implementation of the study programme.

When elaborating the Bachelor and Master Study Programmes “Technical Translation” at the RTU Institute of Applied Linguistics, the experience gained in such European countries as Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Great Britain (Applied Languages Europe) since 1987 has been taken into consideration.