Council of IAL


The Council of the Institute of Applied Linguisticshas been created taking into consideration the representation of the institute’s departments. The members of the Council are: the Head of the Institute, the Head of the Methodological Commission, External Relations Coordinator, professors, assistant professors, studies planner, representative of the Student Self-government and one member from each associated department.

The Head of the Institute of Applied Linguistics is the chairperson of the Council.

The Council has the rights to make decisions, if 2/3 of the members participate in the meeting. Minutes are taken at the Council meetings. The Council makes decisions during the open meeting by the simple majority of votes. In case of equal division of votes, the Head of the Institute of Applied Linguistics has the casting vote.

Council‘s functions:

·         to develop basic research directions of the Institute of Applies Linguistics;

·         to make suggestions on the organization and change of the Institute’s structure;

·         to initiate changes in the regulations of the Institute of Applied Linguistics and to submit them to the RTU Senate for approval;

·         to consider topical issues concerning scientific and methodological work;

·         to elect assistant professors, lecturers and assistants;

·         to review study programmes and plan; to coordinate scientific research activity;

·         to coordinate study programme implementation;

·         to set Institute’s internal order regulations and to consider their violations.