Bachelor Paper

Completing the study programme with the qualification of a translator, students develop the Bachelor Paper amounting to 12 credit points. The Bachelor Paper consists of two parts: theoretical analysis and translation of an original technical text. “Regulation on Developing and Defending the Bachelor Paper” defines its content, subject, volume, supervisor, reviewing and defence procedures.

Bachelor Paper has to conform to the following requirements:
•    it has to be developed in the form of independent analytic research of some theoretical or particular practical problem;
•    the paper has to be developed according to the requirements set in methodological guidelines;
•    theoretical part has to be in conformity with the title and the practical part of the paper.

Students should choose the theme of the Bachelor Paper from the list of Bachelor Paper themes or suggest their own. The chosen topic should be specified in the application, which should be submitted to the administration of the Institute of Applied Linguistics during the third week of the ninth semester at latest. In addition, students should select a scientific adviser of the Bachelor Paper. In case students have any suggestions on the scientific adviser, they can specify the name, surname and position of the potential scientific adviser of the Bachelor Paper in the application. If such suggestion is not received, the scientific adviser is appointed by the head of the department in a week’s time after the application has been handed in. In cases when the translated material for the Bachelor Paper requires profound or special knowledge from students, it is possible to invite consultants competent in the corresponding issues (this should be agreed upon with the head of the Institute of Applied Linguistics, specifying the request in the application).

Students develop their Bachelor Papers independently during the last semester of their studies consulting both the supervisor and an expert in the respective field.
Bachelor Paper contains a written translation of a professional original text from English/German into Latvian/Russian, amounting to 70, 000 printed signs (60 pages) in any RTU study profile: 1) building construction, 2) architecture, 3) computer science, 4) electrical engineering or telecommunications, 5) mechanical engineering and machine-building, 6) economics. The theoretical part includes the detailed analysis of the translation based on a certain translation theory or its aspect. The volume of the theoretical part of the paper is 30 pages.