Academic Staff


The academic staff of the RTU Institute of Applied Linguistics is created according to the Law on Higher Education Establishments of Latvian Republic and RTU Constitution.

Academic staff participates in conferences, seminars and other events facilitating qualification improvement; they continue their studies in doctoral study programmes.

Lecturers are hired on the competition basis, which is regulated by RTU regulation “On the order of election of assistant professors, lecturers and assistants”. Applying for the vacant lecturer position at the RTU Institute of Applied Linguistics for the first time, the applicant has to develop lecture notes. If the applicant has not worked as RTU lecturer before, the head of the department organizes an open lecture or a practical class to be delivered by the applicant. If the applicant has worked as an RTU lecturer before, the head of the department in cooperation with the Student Self-Government organizes students’ poll about the applicant.

Within the framework of Bachelor and Master professional study programmes guest lecturers are invited to deliver separate lectures and practical classes. The Institute has long been cooperating with different foreign higher education establishments: University of Mainz (Germany), Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Adelaide (Australia), University of Wisconsin (USA).