The 56th RTU Student Scientific and Technical Conference in English

RTU 56th Student Scientific and Technical Conference

Institute of Applied Linguistics

23rd of April, 3 p.m.

RTU 56th Student Scientific and Technical Conference in English which is organized by the Institute of Applied Linguistics (IAL) will take place on 23rd of April, 2015 at 3 p.m. The following faculties of RTU will participate in the conference:

1)    Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning(FAUP), scientific advisor: Mg. philol., lecturer I.Kočote,

2)    Faculty of Materials Science and AppliedChemistry (FMSAC), Institute of Technology and Design of Textile Materials (ITDTM), scientific advisor: Mg. philol., lecturer Z.Dombrovska,

3)    Faculty of Civil Engineering(FCE), scientific advisor: Mg.philol., lecturer D.Rūpniece,

4)    Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology(FCSIT), scientific advisor: Mg. philol., lectuter A.Veldruma,

5)    Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management(FEEM), scientific advisor: Dr. philol., I.Ļiokumoviča,

6)    Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications(FET), scientific advisor: Mg.philol., lecturer J.Kučerova,

7)    Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering(FPEE), scientific advisor: Mg.philol., lecturer E.Gabarajevs,

8)    Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering(FTME), scientific advisor: Mg. philol., lecturer L.Derkača,

9)    Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities(FLTH), Institute of Applied Linguistics, Technical Translation (IAL TT), scientific advisor: Dr.philol., T.Hramova

Students who are interested to participate in the conference have to contact with their English teacher by 31st of March, 2015.

Students are recommended to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (10 minutes long + 5 minutes for discussion). If necessary students may include  3 minutes long video in their presentation. Students also have a possibility to publish their research  thesis in conference proceedings.

Institute of Applied Linguistics (IAL)organizes an open conference inviting students who are studying translation in other institutions and also pupils who are interested in translation to participate in the conference. The topic of their presentation has to be related with translation process, for example, terminology, translation theories, methods, practice, translation problems etc. The participation in the conference is free of charge. Applications have to be sent by 31st of March, 2015 to the following e-mail address: the applicant’s name, surname, school or institution and the topic of presentation).